We've been to Mangia, Mangia before for birthdays, and found upon our return, the same warm service and excellent food. Feels like we're family here. I love this place.

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More than a local family business...

"Step inside Mangia Mangia and you'll feel an excitement for cooking. An earthy aroma of garlic fills the air; to the right, fruits and vegetables marinate in glass jars on a ledge that separates the open kitchen from the dining room. The chef's energy carries through in the bold flavors of each plate and the red, white and green sauces drizzled and dabbed like paints on a canvas..." 

- Maria Cianci of the San Francisco Chronicle

​Ristorante e caffé

Mangia Mangia

"My wife and I have chosen Mangia Mangia for special-occasion dining for many years now. We are never disappointed. The food is wonderful, the service outstanding, the atmosphere warmly Mediterranean and very welcoming."


What others say about us

After twenty years of inventive Italian food, Mangia Mangia has achieved cult status as a neighborhood gem. The wait staff is experienced, friendly and a propos. The inspired chefs have combined Alice Waters' precepts and the traditional cookbook to offer fresh, innovative Italian food that intrigues and delights the palate. And when you're done with your hearty, healthy main course, you'd be shortchanging yourself if you ignored the heavenly chocolate souffle. It takes twenty minutes to prepare, so do yourself a favor and order it in advance.

Open table review.​

Established in 1994, Mangia Mangia has slowly became a local favorite for it's exquisite food, warm service and hospitable atmosphere. 

The people behind are a trio of mother and daughters that have made Mangia Mangia their labor of love. Come and visit, sit down, check the open kitchen, talk to locals that have been coming here for decades, get to know us and enjoy the food.

You'll surely come back!