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7 Special New Year Foods from Various Countries

How is your new 2020? Did you pass the turn of the year by preparing traditional dishes? If your family does not have the new year’s special food, you can try a new year’s special foods from the following countries.

Many countries have traditional foods that are mandatory for every New Year celebration. These foods aim to bring good luck in the new year. There is also a symbol of the departure of years ago.

1. Philippines – 12 Rounded Fruits

Filipinos consider round objects as a sign of good luck because they look like coins. During the new year, they wore polka dot patterned shirts and displayed round objects.

Not only that, but they also served round cakes. They also have to eat 12 types of fruit. 12 This type of fruit is a symbol of 12 months of ‘fruiting’ prosperity in the coming year.

2. Poland – Herring

Processed herring also must appear during the celebration of the new year, precisely in Poland. This fish has a silvery scale color reminiscent of silver coins, symbolizing wealth and prosperity in the new year.

Abundant herring in Western Europe also signifies hope for the new year with abundant fortune.

3. Netherlands – Oliebollen

Dutch citizens usually welcome the coming of the new year with sweet things. That’s why they eat oliebollen. Fried cakes that are still a family with donuts is a traditional Dutch food.

Oliebollen are usually served on New Year’s Eve. Oliebollen dough is traditionally mixed with diced apples, raisins, or candied orange peels.

4. Greece – Vassilopiita

In Greece, the New Year celebration coincides with the St. Festival. Basil, one of the founders of the orthodox Greek church. On this day, the Greeks prepared a special dish called Vassilopiita or the cake of St. Basil.

In this cake is inserted a gold coin. Anyone who gets a piece of cake with a coin in it will have good luck in the new year.

5. Italy – Cotechino con Lenticchie

Italians celebrate the new year at the La Festa festival in San Silvestro. Usually, traditional foods such as cotechino con lenticchie are always present at a celebration like this. Cotechino con lenticchie itself is a dish consisting of sausages and boiled lentils.

Lentils are a symbol of wealth and fortune for Mexicans. In addition to the dish, several families also commonly serve stuffed pork feet called zampone.

6. Sweden – Rice Pudding

At Christmas and New Year, Swedes serve rice pudding with almonds hidden in it. According to their belief, whoever finds the almond will get a fortune for the next 12 months.

7. Germany – Glucksschwein

Pork is a symbol of luck and prosperity in Germany. Meanwhile, the new year should be welcomed with sweet things. That’s where the glucksschwein tradition was born. This pig-shaped sweet cake is a symbol of the extra sweet new year.

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