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7 German Special Foods That Make You Addicted

Some countries in Western Europe, such as Germany, not only have a rich historical story, but German cuisine is no less rich. We will discuss a bit of typical German food through Street Food.

Germany is famous for traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation afterward, which you can taste in this typical German Street Food, what are the street foods? Let us refer to 7 Street Food Typical German That Makes You Addicted below.

1. Laugenbretzel

This famous bread in Germany and Europe has been known throughout the world, Laugenbretzel can also be known with the same pretzels as the type of toasted bread in the shape of a knot, with an exotic brown color and looks delicious is usually served with a sprinkling of salt, sugar, chocolate, sesame powder, as well as sunflower seeds don’t forget the extra butter.

In America this bread is known as Pretzel and is very popular, Pennsylvania is the center of history and pretzel producer. A variation in America is pretzels coated in yogurt (or “ghostly faces”), with a thin layer of yogurt. Hard pretzels are also available with chocolate candy, strawberries, and various other flavors.

2. Germknodel

Germknodel that has a texture like soft bread with Vanilla sauce, melted butter, seeds, sugar, and plum sauce on it, when you come to Germany to coincide with Easter or Christmas, you will very easily find this snack in the markets.

This model is more like a ball-shaped dessert. This dish is an Austrian and Bavarian culinary specialist.

3. Leberkase

Leberkase, which can be interpreted as Cheese Liver is completely wrong, this dish does not contain any Cheese or Heart, but is made from using ground beef roasted in a rectangular container. It is best to eat this dish with bread rolls and mustard while warm.

Leberkase is also found in Austria and Switzerland, but with a different spelling, this food is more like Bologna sausage, which consists of corners, pork, meat, meat, and onions that are ground and then roasted until browned on its surface.

4. Currywurst

Currywurst which is one of the favorite foods of German citizens, Wurst or German sausages made from a mixture of beef or pork, there are many types of wurst in Germany, and the most preferred in Germany is Currywurst or Curry Sausage, which is served by grilled and served with tomato sauce and curry powder which adds to the delicacy.

Currywurst was very popular in Germany until a Currywurst Museum was made in Berlin, for those of you who want to taste the favorite dishes of German citizens can visit the Curry 36 restaurant in Mehringdamm, Berlin.

5. Shashlik

Schaschlik, if you look closely like satay, but different mixtures include meat, paprika, bacon, zucchini. To be more delicious, this dish is given a spice after it is freshly roasted. Usually, Germans eat Schaschlik with bread.

For those of you who like dishes like satay, you will fall in love with this German-style satay dish, at least 1 serving will not be enough for you to eat.

6. Kartoffelsalat

This food is famous not only in Germany but is popular almost throughout Europe. Kartoffelsalat, if you notice, is similar to a salad made from chopped boiled potatoes mixed with beef, eggs, tomatoes, milk, onions, vinegar, and mayonnaise.

Usually, the Germans consume it with a hot dog and a glass of wine. This dish has existed since the 16th century in Germany, which initially only used a mixture of salt, vegetables, and vinegar.

7. Bratwurst

Bratwurst, which is a German sausage, which is no less popular with other German specialties, such as Currywurst, Bratwurst, is made from veal, beef, and pork, to serve Bratwurst usually Germans roast it, and served with butter, tomato sauce, and not forgetting the mustard. You can find this dish in many shops like Pratergarten and Fleischerei Bünger or in markets you can get young.

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