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5 of The Most Delicious Dutch Specialties That You Should Try if You Go There

This country must be familiar to our ears, the Netherlands. The Netherlands has indeed been a part of our nation’s history for more than 150 years. But at the moment, I am not discussing the history of relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands. This article will discuss the typical Dutch food. Dutch food is influenced by North French cuisine, which this country had also once colonized the Netherlands.

Dutch cuisine is divided into three general forms by region, namely eastern and northern cuisine, western cuisine, and western cuisine. Of course, there are a lot of special foods in this country. Here are some of the most delicious Dutch specialties.

1. Waterzooi

This food is highly recommended for those of you who like warmth in cold weather. This food is often served in winter. Waterzooi is a kind of soup-shaped meal. At first, this food was made from fish, whether freshwater or sea, given the tutorial area that is close to the sea. But now, Waterzooi uses an easier ingredient, chicken. These altered ingredients also change the name of this food to Kippenwaterzoi. Why not use fish meat again? One of the most readily accepted is the rivers in Ghent, where the origin of Waterzooi was made was so polluted that the fish there disappeared. As the name suggests, this food is chicken or fish stew and combined with various types of vegetables, such as carrots, leeks, potatoes, and herbs. And also included eggs, cream, and butter. This food can be enjoyed with Baguette, a kind of typical Dutch Bread.

2. Ontbijtkoek

If you are a person who doesn’t have time for breakfast, you should try this one food. Ontbijtkoek or in Indonesian means “breakfast cake” is made from wheat. This food is a kind of sponge cake, but the ingredients are the key difference. This cake is often seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. In the northern part of the Netherlands, this food is called Oudewijvenkoek. The ingredients are almost the same as Ontbijtkoek, only added with anise. As I said before, Ontbijtkoek was often served as a substitute for Bread at breakfast. This food is much better if smeared with lots of butter. But nowadays, Ontbijtkoek is more often served as a snack during a typical Dutch tea banquet.

3. Hutspot

Hutspot is another typical Dutch food that is no less tasty. For those of you meat lovers, this food can spoil your tongue. The meat is cut into cubes, then cooked by mixing mashed vegetables, such as beans, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Hutspot is also the food most often served on various occasions because it is very easy to cook. The first step, peel and chop carrots, then slice the onions and cook in butter. Then carrots and onions are added with pepper, salt, nutmeg, and bay leaf. Don’t forget to cook potatoes for boiling. The final step is to remove the bay leaf and crush the others together. This food is usually served with jenever, or which is famous for beer.

4. Ercis Soup

This country is indeed famous for its soup food. After Stamppot and Waterzooi, another delicious Dutch soup dish is Ercis Soup. It is so named because this main ingredient is made from Ercis nuts. This soup is yellowish-green and even tends to brown. Ercis soup has a texture similar to porridge. In addition to peas, this soup is also a variety of other ingredients, such as prawns, potatoes, beef or chicken, and carrots. Like other soup foods, Ercis Soup is perfect when winter arrives. In its presentation, this soup is added Bread, which can be Soft rool or Hard Foll. But if you buy Ercis soup in France, the Bread used is French Bread. If you like other beans, this soup can also be added with peanuts or kidney beans. As a last touch, given a little lime juice, or lemon.

5. Herring

This food has been around since 6 centuries ago. Herring is Dutch-style sashimi. In the spring, herring is very easy to catch. This food, actually through several processes, is not fully served raw. The point is that the fish is cleaned first and frozen for 24 hours. Herring meat is very soft, salty but very fresh. In serving, you can eat it directly, or by making it like a sandwich.

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