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The Origin of Gelato, Soft Italian Ice Cream

Gelato is Italian, which means ice cream. However, over time, gelato has its own characteristics. Dark has a softer, smoother, and denser texture. The taste of milk is even more powerful in gelato. Also, the history of this dish is contrary to ice cream.

We will state in detail the history and differences that exist in the gelato so that we will not be wrong to separate gelato and ice cream.

1. Starting from The Competition

Around the 15th and 16th centuries, a family in Florence, Italy, organized a competition. It’s called the Medici family. They want to find cold desserts that are very tasty in all cities. At that time, there was a chicken farmer who loved cooking. He is Ruggeri.

Ruggeri followed the competition. He created a dessert from shaved ice covered in fruit juice. This Ruggeri dessert production turned out to create an impressive Medici family. They also decided the chicken farmer was the winner.

2. Widely Known Society

One day, among the Medici family members who have the name Catherine will marry the future King of France. Catherine also brought Ruggeri to France so that she could continue to find that delicious dessert.

At Catherine’s wedding with the future King of France, Ruggeri even created thousands of servings of shaved ice. This creates shaved ice created by Ruggeri known to the wider community. Shaved ice is better known as sorbet.

3. The Birth of Gelato

In 1500, architect Bernardo Buintalenti and the Medici family commissioned a famous artist to prepare a banquet for the King of Spain. With its culinary skills, Buontalenti changed the sorbet into something else, which is what we now know as gelato.

4. First Gelato Machine

Although Buontalenti was felt as the inventor of gelato, it was Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli who popularized it. He is a Sicilian fisherman. In 1686, he made a gelato machine together with a chef from Palermo.

Procopio opened a cafe in Paris under the name Cafe Procope which markets gelato and coffee. The cafe is still open until now,

5. The Basic Ingredients of Gelato are More Flexible Than Ice Cream

Both are made from milk, but the processing of both is quite different. Ice cream is usually created with the basic ingredients of milk cream, sugar, egg yolks, and water. Gelato consists of more varied ingredients: milk, sugar, egg yolks, water, and extra nuts.

Even in many European countries, gelato can be created with a combination of wheat. But what are the ingredients, cold food is still not infrequently tempting tastes.

6. The Fat Content of Ice Cream is Much Higher Than The Gelato

This is urgent and not uncommonly wrong. You need to know that ice cream contains not less butterfat than gelato. The following butterfat, which creates fat in ice cream reaches 10 percent of its total weight, while gelato only has 3.5 percent.

Well, now you already know the history and basic differences in ice cream and gelato? If you prefer to taste ice cream or gelato? Or do you like both, as long as it’s tasty?

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