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5 Famous Food in Paris and The Most Favorite Tourist Must-Try

Paris is a favorite city as a tourist spot in France. The beauty of the town with its old architecture and romantic impression makes this city a tourist spot in romantic Western Europe which often visited as a honeymoon destination. Various tourist attractions in Paris you can visit with your partner or family such as:

1. Eiffel Tower,
2. Arc De Triomphe,
3. Paris Louvre Museum,
4. And many more famous tourist attractions that you can visit.

Visiting a country will not be complete without tasting the typical food in that country. Like when visiting tourist attractions in Japan, we have to eat ramen and sushi. Or taste the Pho which is very famous in tourist attractions in Vietnam. France is a role model for world cuisine. All typical French food can you found in Paris. Here are the famous foods in Paris that you must taste while visiting this city of love.

1. Pain Au Chocolat

One of the famous breakfast menus in Paris is Pain Au Chocolat. This menu will often found in hotel menus where you stay when visiting Paris. Pain Au is a bread that has a texture like a croissant. Consists of a patterned thin layer of pastry, piled and thick. Pain Au has a melted chocolate jam filling on the tongue when bitten. This pastry is perfect for enjoying a glass of hot espresso coffee to offset the sweet chocolate jam.

2. Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur is a typical French sandwich that has been a favorite dish of its people for centuries. Croque Monsieur is a sandwich with a filling of ham and melted cheese due to the cooking process that grilled. You can find this food in almost all restaurants in Paris. If you want to order a sandwich similar to the addition of sunny side up eggs, order Croque Madamme.

3. Salad Nicoise

Salad Nicoise is one of the typical French salads that you can find in restaurants in Paris as a side dish or appetizer. Generally, the composition of Salad Nicoise consists of; tomato slices, boiled eggs, string beans, chunks of potatoes, olives, and tuna. In some other menu variations, tuna can be replaced with meat as the main dish. If you want meat-free ones, you can also order without tuna. This salad gives a fresh and exciting taste because there are pieces of potatoes and boiled eggs.

 4. Escargot

One of the famous food in Paris is Escargot. Who would be a land snail can be processed into a five-star restaurant dish. Escargot cooked with garlic, celery, and butter. You can feel the softness of the snail meat with a mild seasoning dressing and does not eliminate the original flavor of the snail meat. Escargot is one of the prestigious and high-selling dishes and has a delicious taste as a characteristic of the main dishes in France which are quite expensive and drain the bag in restaurants in Paris.

5. Steak Frites

Another major French recipe is Steak Frites. This dish usually included in the main course menu in restaurants in Paris. French people generally prefer less cooked meat. Therefore Steak Frites are usually cooked on a medium-rare level, giving a soft and juicy meat texture, very easy to profit from being cut and chewed than perfectly cooked meat. Steak Frites usually served with sliced ​​potato and some companion vegetables. Do not forget the special sauce made from eggs and butter, which will add to the deliciousness of this dish.

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