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7 Special New Year Foods from Various Countries

How is your new 2020? Did you pass the turn of the year by preparing traditional dishes? If your family does not have the new year’s special food, you can try a new year’s special foods from the following countries.

Many countries have traditional foods that are mandatory for every New Year celebration. These foods aim to bring good luck in the new year. There is also a symbol of the departure of years ago.

1. Philippines – 12 Rounded Fruits

Filipinos consider round objects as a sign of good luck because they look like coins. During the new year, they wore polka dot patterned shirts and displayed round objects.

Not only that, but they also served round cakes. They also have to eat 12 types of fruit. 12 This type of fruit is a symbol of 12 months of ‘fruiting’ prosperity in the coming year.

2. Poland – Herring

Processed herring also must appear during the celebration of the new year, precisely in Poland. This fish has a silvery scale color reminiscent of silver coins, symbolizing wealth and prosperity in the new year.

Abundant herring in Western Europe also signifies hope for the new year with abundant fortune.

3. Netherlands – Oliebollen

Dutch citizens usually welcome the coming of the new year with sweet things. That’s why they eat oliebollen. Fried cakes that are still a family with donuts is a traditional Dutch food.

Oliebollen are usually served on New Year’s Eve. Oliebollen dough is traditionally mixed with diced apples, raisins, or candied orange peels.

4. Greece – Vassilopiita

In Greece, the New Year celebration coincides with the St. Festival. Basil, one of the founders of the orthodox Greek church. On this day, the Greeks prepared a special dish called Vassilopiita or the cake of St. Basil.

In this cake is inserted a gold coin. Anyone who gets a piece of cake with a coin in it will have good luck in the new year.

5. Italy – Cotechino con Lenticchie

Italians celebrate the new year at the La Festa festival in San Silvestro. Usually, traditional foods such as cotechino con lenticchie are always present at a celebration like this. Cotechino con lenticchie itself is a dish consisting of sausages and boiled lentils.

Lentils are a symbol of wealth and fortune for Mexicans. In addition to the dish, several families also commonly serve stuffed pork feet called zampone.

6. Sweden – Rice Pudding

At Christmas and New Year, Swedes serve rice pudding with almonds hidden in it. According to their belief, whoever finds the almond will get a fortune for the next 12 months.

7. Germany – Glucksschwein

Pork is a symbol of luck and prosperity in Germany. Meanwhile, the new year should be welcomed with sweet things. That’s where the glucksschwein tradition was born. This pig-shaped sweet cake is a symbol of the extra sweet new year.

Step How to Make Pizza

European cuisine, one of which in Italy, became very famous because the original cuisine there has unique origins and tastes different from other dishes, and he said the menus of dishes in Italy which still hits until now are dishes that were created for a celebration or a sign after having a war or a difficult time, so the chefs have to prepare delicious meals.

The most typical Italian specialties in the world are the pasta dishes, including spaghetti, pizza, macaroni, and others.

Making Italian cooks is effortless as long as you know all the ingredients needed and know what the correct cooking tricks.

Reliable chefs can always serve foreign and domestic dishes with amazingly good taste because they know and practice the right cooking tricks, so the results are different from home cooking.

Learning to be a master of cooking at home need not be confused, because now there are us who always present delicious recipes in the world equipped with tips and tricks to prepare what’s good and right.

But, there are also tips and tricks about how you could make some money with cooking any dishes, you should probably start learn how to cook from now on.

Ingredients Making Pizza Leather:

  • wheat flour (500 grams)
  • instant yeast (5 grams)
  • granulated sugar (1 teaspoon)
  • salt (10 grams)
  • warm water (375 ml)
  • olive oil (50 grams)

How to Make Pizza Peel:

First, dissolve the yeast and sugar using warm water and leave for 5 minutes.

Stir in the flour and salt until they are mixed. After that, pour the yeast mixture into the powder that has been given salt. Stir by hand (Ulen) until all ingredients are well blended. Add a little water and olive oil, and stir again until well blended.

After the mixture is doughed smoothly, put the dough into a container that has been previously smeared with oil, so it is not sticky. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let stand for 40 minutes.

After expanding, release the trapped winds in the fists or be put under intense pressure.

Prepare a round pizza pan that has a diameter of 24 cm, spread with a little oil.

Glue the pizza shell until it covers the surface of the pan with a thin layer. Let stand for 10 minutes. After that, the pizza is ready for the topping.

Ingredients Tomato Sauce:

  • finely chopped garlic (5 cloves)
  • Chopped Bombay onions (5 tablespoons)
  • freshly sliced ​​tomatoes and coarsely chopped (6 pieces)
  • Olive oil (2 tablespoons)
  • Tomato Paste (3 tablespoons)
  • Tomato Sauce (8 tablespoons)
  • salt (1 teaspoon)
  • Pepper Powder (1/2 teaspoon)
  • granulated sugar (1 teaspoon)
  • oregano powder (1 teaspoon)
  • basil leaf powder (1 teaspoon)

How to Make Pizza Tomato Sauce / Pasta:

First, heat the olive oil, then saute the onions and garlic until it smells good.

After that, add tomato sauce, salt, sugar, pepper paste powder, oregano powder, and basil leaf powder. Wait for it to boil and then remove or set aside.

  • Pizza Topping Ingredients:
  • Grated mozzarella cheese (50 gr)
  • grated cheddar cheese (50 gr)
  • thinly sliced ​​mushrooms (10)
  • smoked beef, which has been sliced ​​into cubes (2 pieces)
  • beef sausage, thinly sliced ​​(2 pieces)
  • fresh tomatoes, circular slices (2 pieces)
  • paprika, cut into squares (1 piece)
  • onion, sliced ​​squares (1/2 fruit)

The Final Stage of How to Make Pizza:

After the pizza skin has expanded, prick the surface with the fork.

First spread the surface of the pizza skin with tomato sauce that has cooled down evenly throughout the pizza skin

After that, arrange all the topping ingredients according to your taste then cover with grated mozzarella cheese.

Bake the raw pizza in the oven at 120 C in 15-20 minutes.

After the pizza is cooked, you can add grated cheddar cheese on top.

Pizza Hut style pizza is ready to be served.

7 German Special Foods That Make You Addicted

Some countries in Western Europe, such as Germany, not only have a rich historical story, but German cuisine is no less rich. We will discuss a bit of typical German food through Street Food.

Germany is famous for traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation afterward, which you can taste in this typical German Street Food, what are the street foods? Let us refer to 7 Street Food Typical German That Makes You Addicted below.

1. Laugenbretzel

This famous bread in Germany and Europe has been known throughout the world, Laugenbretzel can also be known with the same pretzels as the type of toasted bread in the shape of a knot, with an exotic brown color and looks delicious is usually served with a sprinkling of salt, sugar, chocolate, sesame powder, as well as sunflower seeds don’t forget the extra butter.

In America this bread is known as Pretzel and is very popular, Pennsylvania is the center of history and pretzel producer. A variation in America is pretzels coated in yogurt (or “ghostly faces”), with a thin layer of yogurt. Hard pretzels are also available with chocolate candy, strawberries, and various other flavors.

2. Germknodel

Germknodel that has a texture like soft bread with Vanilla sauce, melted butter, seeds, sugar, and plum sauce on it, when you come to Germany to coincide with Easter or Christmas, you will very easily find this snack in the markets.

This model is more like a ball-shaped dessert. This dish is an Austrian and Bavarian culinary specialist.

3. Leberkase

Leberkase, which can be interpreted as Cheese Liver is completely wrong, this dish does not contain any Cheese or Heart, but is made from using ground beef roasted in a rectangular container. It is best to eat this dish with bread rolls and mustard while warm.

Leberkase is also found in Austria and Switzerland, but with a different spelling, this food is more like Bologna sausage, which consists of corners, pork, meat, meat, and onions that are ground and then roasted until browned on its surface.

4. Currywurst

Currywurst which is one of the favorite foods of German citizens, Wurst or German sausages made from a mixture of beef or pork, there are many types of wurst in Germany, and the most preferred in Germany is Currywurst or Curry Sausage, which is served by grilled and served with tomato sauce and curry powder which adds to the delicacy.

Currywurst was very popular in Germany until a Currywurst Museum was made in Berlin, for those of you who want to taste the favorite dishes of German citizens can visit the Curry 36 restaurant in Mehringdamm, Berlin.

5. Shashlik

Schaschlik, if you look closely like satay, but different mixtures include meat, paprika, bacon, zucchini. To be more delicious, this dish is given a spice after it is freshly roasted. Usually, Germans eat Schaschlik with bread.

For those of you who like dishes like satay, you will fall in love with this German-style satay dish, at least 1 serving will not be enough for you to eat.

6. Kartoffelsalat

This food is famous not only in Germany but is popular almost throughout Europe. Kartoffelsalat, if you notice, is similar to a salad made from chopped boiled potatoes mixed with beef, eggs, tomatoes, milk, onions, vinegar, and mayonnaise.

Usually, the Germans consume it with a hot dog and a glass of wine. This dish has existed since the 16th century in Germany, which initially only used a mixture of salt, vegetables, and vinegar.

7. Bratwurst

Bratwurst, which is a German sausage, which is no less popular with other German specialties, such as Currywurst, Bratwurst, is made from veal, beef, and pork, to serve Bratwurst usually Germans roast it, and served with butter, tomato sauce, and not forgetting the mustard. You can find this dish in many shops like Pratergarten and Fleischerei Bünger or in markets you can get young.

5 of The Most Delicious Dutch Specialties That You Should Try if You Go There

This country must be familiar to our ears, the Netherlands. The Netherlands has indeed been a part of our nation’s history for more than 150 years. But at the moment, I am not discussing the history of relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands. This article will discuss the typical Dutch food. Dutch food is influenced by North French cuisine, which this country had also once colonized the Netherlands.

Dutch cuisine is divided into three general forms by region, namely eastern and northern cuisine, western cuisine, and western cuisine. Of course, there are a lot of special foods in this country. Here are some of the most delicious Dutch specialties.

1. Waterzooi

This food is highly recommended for those of you who like warmth in cold weather. This food is often served in winter. Waterzooi is a kind of soup-shaped meal. At first, this food was made from fish, whether freshwater or sea, given the tutorial area that is close to the sea. But now, Waterzooi uses an easier ingredient, chicken. These altered ingredients also change the name of this food to Kippenwaterzoi. Why not use fish meat again? One of the most readily accepted is the rivers in Ghent, where the origin of Waterzooi was made was so polluted that the fish there disappeared. As the name suggests, this food is chicken or fish stew and combined with various types of vegetables, such as carrots, leeks, potatoes, and herbs. And also included eggs, cream, and butter. This food can be enjoyed with Baguette, a kind of typical Dutch Bread.

2. Ontbijtkoek

If you are a person who doesn’t have time for breakfast, you should try this one food. Ontbijtkoek or in Indonesian means “breakfast cake” is made from wheat. This food is a kind of sponge cake, but the ingredients are the key difference. This cake is often seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. In the northern part of the Netherlands, this food is called Oudewijvenkoek. The ingredients are almost the same as Ontbijtkoek, only added with anise. As I said before, Ontbijtkoek was often served as a substitute for Bread at breakfast. This food is much better if smeared with lots of butter. But nowadays, Ontbijtkoek is more often served as a snack during a typical Dutch tea banquet.

3. Hutspot

Hutspot is another typical Dutch food that is no less tasty. For those of you meat lovers, this food can spoil your tongue. The meat is cut into cubes, then cooked by mixing mashed vegetables, such as beans, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Hutspot is also the food most often served on various occasions because it is very easy to cook. The first step, peel and chop carrots, then slice the onions and cook in butter. Then carrots and onions are added with pepper, salt, nutmeg, and bay leaf. Don’t forget to cook potatoes for boiling. The final step is to remove the bay leaf and crush the others together. This food is usually served with jenever, or which is famous for beer.

4. Ercis Soup

This country is indeed famous for its soup food. After Stamppot and Waterzooi, another delicious Dutch soup dish is Ercis Soup. It is so named because this main ingredient is made from Ercis nuts. This soup is yellowish-green and even tends to brown. Ercis soup has a texture similar to porridge. In addition to peas, this soup is also a variety of other ingredients, such as prawns, potatoes, beef or chicken, and carrots. Like other soup foods, Ercis Soup is perfect when winter arrives. In its presentation, this soup is added Bread, which can be Soft rool or Hard Foll. But if you buy Ercis soup in France, the Bread used is French Bread. If you like other beans, this soup can also be added with peanuts or kidney beans. As a last touch, given a little lime juice, or lemon.

5. Herring

This food has been around since 6 centuries ago. Herring is Dutch-style sashimi. In the spring, herring is very easy to catch. This food, actually through several processes, is not fully served raw. The point is that the fish is cleaned first and frozen for 24 hours. Herring meat is very soft, salty but very fresh. In serving, you can eat it directly, or by making it like a sandwich.

7 Russian Special Dishes Made from Potatoes That You Might Like

Since the 18th century, potatoes have been known as the “second bread” in Russia. Usually, potatoes are a supplement to various soup and salad dishes. However, as we know that many dishes are made from potatoes. Below are 7 Russian dishes made from potatoes.

1. Draniki

This pancake is made from grated potatoes, onions, eggs, and flour. This cake is usually served hot with sour cream. You can also add minced meat or mashed pumpkin to the dough – it tastes delicious!

2. Zapekanka potatoes

Russians have eaten this dish since kindergarten. Zapekanka can be made from potato slices or mashed potatoes. Popular types are Zapekanka with minced meat and finely ground onions that are put between two layers of mashed potatoes and then baked in the oven. As always, serve the dish with sour cream.

3. Shangi

Shangi is a type of pastry cake from the Ural Mountains with a filling usually made of potatoes, eggs, and butter. This round cake is even given to children in kindergarten.

4. Mashed potato

Mashed potatoes are a classic dish. This is the main side dish in student canteens and at every dinner party. In Russia, people usually add a little butter and warm milk to mashed potatoes so that the color does not turn gray, while the potatoes themselves are crushed with a mash, not a blender.

5. Salad potatoes with onions

Potato salad is not only present in American and German dishes, but also Russian dishes (though not too common). Kniga o vkusnoi I zdorovoi pishche (Book of Delicious and Healthy Soviet Dishes) recommends making potato salad as follows: prepare diced boiled potatoes with a mixture of vegetable oil and a little vinegar, then sprinkle dill leaves, parsley, leeks, salt, and pepper. This salad is served with meat or fish, or as a separate dish.

6. French fries with mushrooms

This dish is best served with freshly picked mushrooms. To make it, there are some secrets you need to know. First, wash the sliced ​​potatoes in cold water to remove starch or flour. This is done so that the potato slices do not stick together when cooked. Then, don’t fry the potatoes at once – fry them little by little. Avoid closing the pan and don’t stir too often. Finally, cook the mushrooms and slice the onions separately, then pour over the cooked potatoes.

7. Vareniki with potatoes

This is a traditional dish that is common in Slavic cuisine. If you feel this food is similar to Italian ravioli, you are not mistaken. Vareniki are served with fried onions, sour cream, and herbs or cut butter. The main secret of this simple dish is its flexible dough, which does not break when cooked and does not crack when frozen.

Feel The Roman Sensation with 3 of These Italian Special Drinks

Italy is indeed familiar with delicious drinks and loved by not a few people in many countries. Some typical Italian drinks that are familiar throughout the world are like Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, and some other types of drinks.

But do you know if it turns out there are many different types of drinks originating from Italy that are no less favored by not a few people? Some of these drinks from Italy already have popularity you know in many parts of the world. Especially in Las Vegas where many Casino places spread out, they provide sports betting and casino games from their shop while serving these Italian style drinks.

The following are three typical Italian beverages that become world favorites:

1. Granita

The uniquely Italian beverage that will become our first peel is Granita, whose popularity is worldwide. This granita is a slushie ice drink that is often made using fruit ingredients to use coffee.

The way to make it is quite simple, friends, by using all the ingredients put in a blender, then adding it to the ice and then blending it. It turned out that not a few people also looked at if Granita is the same as sorbet, which is fruit ice cream without using cream and milk.

However, you know Granita has better acidity and less sugar content if compared to sorbet. Many Southern Italians like Granita even more so for the taste of coffee or lemon.

Granita is usually the most suitable when eating breakfast, namely as a side dish of brioche bread, which is a traditional food from Italy.

2. Lacryma Christi

The drink has the name Lacryma Christi made from real wine. The wine ingredients come from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, and this drink has been produced since Ancient Roman times. Very popular in Italy and many world countries.

You may try Mastroberardino Lacryma Christi Rosso. This is the red champagne that was known in Roman times. Ruby red with cherry and plum fragrances. Not a lot of spicy flavor that comes from the pepper juice and cloves in it. This drink is warm in the mouth and has a nice softness.

3. Frappe

The next typical Italian drink will be our peel at Halomuda.com is Frappe, which is certainly no less popular and a favorite of not a few people, friends.

So this Frappe is an Italian blend and wants to have a sweeter taste if compared to the granita we have peeled earlier.

Usually, Frappe is made using fruits of friends, and later in it contains milk, is this different from Granita?

If friends happen to play at Starbucks, maybe friends will chase the Frappuccino menu, now that is Frappe friends.

The Origin of Gelato, Soft Italian Ice Cream

Gelato is Italian, which means ice cream. However, over time, gelato has its own characteristics. Dark has a softer, smoother, and denser texture. The taste of milk is even more powerful in gelato. Also, the history of this dish is contrary to ice cream.

We will state in detail the history and differences that exist in the gelato so that we will not be wrong to separate gelato and ice cream.

1. Starting from The Competition

Around the 15th and 16th centuries, a family in Florence, Italy, organized a competition. It’s called the Medici family. They want to find cold desserts that are very tasty in all cities. At that time, there was a chicken farmer who loved cooking. He is Ruggeri.

Ruggeri followed the competition. He created a dessert from shaved ice covered in fruit juice. This Ruggeri dessert production turned out to create an impressive Medici family. They also decided the chicken farmer was the winner.

2. Widely Known Society

One day, among the Medici family members who have the name Catherine will marry the future King of France. Catherine also brought Ruggeri to France so that she could continue to find that delicious dessert.

At Catherine’s wedding with the future King of France, Ruggeri even created thousands of servings of shaved ice. This creates shaved ice created by Ruggeri known to the wider community. Shaved ice is better known as sorbet.

3. The Birth of Gelato

In 1500, architect Bernardo Buintalenti and the Medici family commissioned a famous artist to prepare a banquet for the King of Spain. With its culinary skills, Buontalenti changed the sorbet into something else, which is what we now know as gelato.

4. First Gelato Machine

Although Buontalenti was felt as the inventor of gelato, it was Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli who popularized it. He is a Sicilian fisherman. In 1686, he made a gelato machine together with a chef from Palermo.

Procopio opened a cafe in Paris under the name Cafe Procope which markets gelato and coffee. The cafe is still open until now,

5. The Basic Ingredients of Gelato are More Flexible Than Ice Cream

Both are made from milk, but the processing of both is quite different. Ice cream is usually created with the basic ingredients of milk cream, sugar, egg yolks, and water. Gelato consists of more varied ingredients: milk, sugar, egg yolks, water, and extra nuts.

Even in many European countries, gelato can be created with a combination of wheat. But what are the ingredients, cold food is still not infrequently tempting tastes.

6. The Fat Content of Ice Cream is Much Higher Than The Gelato

This is urgent and not uncommonly wrong. You need to know that ice cream contains not less butterfat than gelato. The following butterfat, which creates fat in ice cream reaches 10 percent of its total weight, while gelato only has 3.5 percent.

Well, now you already know the history and basic differences in ice cream and gelato? If you prefer to taste ice cream or gelato? Or do you like both, as long as it’s tasty?

The Most Delicious Famous Italian Food

Italy is one of the countries that succeed in the culinary field. There are many culinary from Italy that has high quality and is recognized by the world so that Italian food is often associated with high-quality and five-star quality foods. Are you a connoisseur of Italian food yourself? If so, of course, you have to know the best, most famous Italian food in the world.

1. Gnocchi

This is one of Italy’s favorite foods and is often found in various Italian restaurants around the world. This gnocchi is a type of dumpling made from flour made with different flavors and also styles. There is gnocchi that contains meat, and there is also gnocchi that is explicitly made for vegetarians who indeed do not contain pork in it. Have you ever tried this Italian food? You can enjoy using sauce and cheese to make it more delicious.

2. Ravioli 

You might also have heard the name of this Italian food. Ravioli was initially an Italian food that began to develop and was famous in the Roman period. This food is made of spinach and Ricotta. This Italian food menu is perfect for those of you who are vegetarians and don’t like to eat meat. Ravioli is usually served in small portions so if you want to feel full when eating ravioli, you can eat 2 to 3 servings at a time.

3. Carbonara Pasta 

Nowadays an Italian food called carbonara pasta can not only be ordered in exclusive restaurants in Italian cuisine but almost all restaurants now also offer carbonara pasta. Because usually served in portions that are not too large, then carbonara pasta is often served at several cafes that sell snacks. The hallmark of carbonara paste is its thick cream, which makes the pasta taste different. If you have the opportunity to come to Italy, then you should try it directly from the original recipe, because the delicacy is very different. Most carbonara pasta sold outside Italy has been modified.

4. Tiramisu 

It turns out that this one cake is also a typical cake from Italy. Tiramisu is served as a food that is a mixture of cake and cream. There are Italian restaurants that also serve tiramisu as a dessert that is eaten together with ice cream in a glass with a layer of tiramisu cake underneath. Usually, the taste of tiramisu is a blend of flavors of coffee and chocolate combined with soft vanilla cream. With its sweet and slightly bitter taste, this Italian food is a favorite worldwide.

5. Gelato

Gelato has been known in almost all over the world, is a typical Italian ice cream that has a denser texture and is more delicious than ordinary ice cream. Many gelato outlets are currently open in various places serving gelato ice cream with multiple flavors. The process of making animal fat free and of course has a variety of very delicious flavors. Almost everyone certainly likes ice cream and therefore you will also definitely like this gelato.

6. Pizza Margherita 

Pizza is known as one of Italy’s very famous foods and can be found almost all over the world. Even because it’s so loved, pizza is often made by the home industry with recipes that are modified according to taste. Pizza Margherita is a simple and ingrained Italian food in Italy, even every family in Italy has its own Margherita pizza recipe with a blend of sauces made with each chef’s taste.

7. Tomato Sauce Spaghetti

You certainly know well about this very typical Italian food, don’t you? Spaghetti is also one of the Italian foods that are very acceptable to the tongue of the entire world community so that even this food is made into ready to eat food that is sold in various supermarkets to make it easier for spaghetti connoisseurs to make their spaghetti at home. The most famous spaghetti in Italy is tomato sauce spaghetti.

8 of The Most Popular Sandwiches in The World

Sandwiches or sandwiches usually consist of a cup of bread filled with vegetables, meat, cheese, and sauce. Each country has a variety of shapes, ingredients, flavors, to different names. Foodpanda’s online food ordering application collects ten varieties of popular sandwiches from various countries and all of them.

1. India – Vada Pav

Indian-style sandwich in the form of spicy vegetable hamburger completed with chutney made from grated coconut, tamarind pulp, and garlic.

Initially, Vada Pav was considered as food for poor people because the manufacturing process was considered very cheap. However, this one food quickly sounded to the national scope and has now become one of the favorite fast food in India, which also served in special hotels.

Malaysia: John BreadAt first glance, this one sandwich is like an omelet sandwich on a baguette. The difference, food that can be found in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore can be filled with other ingredients, such as minced meat (chicken or mutton), shallots, and sardines. Tomato and chili sauce complete the flavor of John’s bread.

2. Vietnam – Bánh mì

Banh contains mayo, coriander, garlic, fish sauce, cucumber, and carrots. This sandwich can also be added with fried tofu and ham according to the taste of the eater.

Reportedly this bread was discovered in Vietnam in the early 20th century by Le Vo. After fleeing the war in 1972, he landed in San Jose, CA and opened Ba Le Bakery to make this favorite food finally.

3. Japan – Katsu-Sando

Katsu-Sando is a white sandwich filled with meat that is fried with bread wrapping plus cabbage. Katsu-Sando was first created in Tokyo in 1899 from a restaurant called Rengatei. This sandwich was initially considered a type of yoshoku, a term for western dishes with a taste of local influence.

United States of America: BLT(Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato)
BLT is an abbreviation of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. As the name suggests, BLT is served with smoked meat, lettuce, and tomatoes. It would be more delicious if it were also served on toast plus mayonnaise. The name BLT first appeared in print during the early 1950s and is still the second most famous sandwich in the United States.

4. Mexico – Cemita

Cemita’s Mexican sandwich filled with fried beef served with egg-based brioche bread filled with cheese, garlic, and salsa Roja. Avocado slices are the flavor that makes this Mexican sandwich more delicious.

5. France – Croque Madame

Ever heard of Croque Monsieur which is a cheese sandwich filled with grilled ham? Croque Madame is a “female version” sandwich that serves fried eggs as a mainstay topping. Croque Madame was originally a snack from cafes and bars in France that was made around the early 1910s.

6. Middle East – Falafel

Falafel is pita bread containing fresh vegetables, fried beans, and tahini sauce.

7. Germany – Fischbrötchen

This German sandwich contains bismarck or herring. Wrapped by a roll of pickles and onions, this food is often enjoyed in northern Germany. Fischbrötchen is the most popular snack in Germany after the currywurst.

8. Chile – Chacarero

The savory grilled churrasco with bread rolls is even more delicious when the sliced ​​beans, pepper, and tomatoes are added.

5 Famous Food in Paris and The Most Favorite Tourist Must-Try

Paris is a favorite city as a tourist spot in France. The beauty of the town with its old architecture and romantic impression makes this city a tourist spot in romantic Western Europe which often visited as a honeymoon destination. Various tourist attractions in Paris you can visit with your partner or family such as:

1. Eiffel Tower,
2. Arc De Triomphe,
3. Paris Louvre Museum,
4. And many more famous tourist attractions that you can visit.

Visiting a country will not be complete without tasting the typical food in that country. Like when visiting tourist attractions in Japan, we have to eat ramen and sushi. Or taste the Pho which is very famous in tourist attractions in Vietnam. France is a role model for world cuisine. All typical French food can you found in Paris. Here are the famous foods in Paris that you must taste while visiting this city of love.

1. Pain Au Chocolat

One of the famous breakfast menus in Paris is Pain Au Chocolat. This menu will often found in hotel menus where you stay when visiting Paris. Pain Au is a bread that has a texture like a croissant. Consists of a patterned thin layer of pastry, piled and thick. Pain Au has a melted chocolate jam filling on the tongue when bitten. This pastry is perfect for enjoying a glass of hot espresso coffee to offset the sweet chocolate jam.

2. Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur is a typical French sandwich that has been a favorite dish of its people for centuries. Croque Monsieur is a sandwich with a filling of ham and melted cheese due to the cooking process that grilled. You can find this food in almost all restaurants in Paris. If you want to order a sandwich similar to the addition of sunny side up eggs, order Croque Madamme.

3. Salad Nicoise

Salad Nicoise is one of the typical French salads that you can find in restaurants in Paris as a side dish or appetizer. Generally, the composition of Salad Nicoise consists of; tomato slices, boiled eggs, string beans, chunks of potatoes, olives, and tuna. In some other menu variations, tuna can be replaced with meat as the main dish. If you want meat-free ones, you can also order without tuna. This salad gives a fresh and exciting taste because there are pieces of potatoes and boiled eggs.

 4. Escargot

One of the famous food in Paris is Escargot. Who would be a land snail can be processed into a five-star restaurant dish. Escargot cooked with garlic, celery, and butter. You can feel the softness of the snail meat with a mild seasoning dressing and does not eliminate the original flavor of the snail meat. Escargot is one of the prestigious and high-selling dishes and has a delicious taste as a characteristic of the main dishes in France which are quite expensive and drain the bag in restaurants in Paris.

5. Steak Frites

Another major French recipe is Steak Frites. This dish usually included in the main course menu in restaurants in Paris. French people generally prefer less cooked meat. Therefore Steak Frites are usually cooked on a medium-rare level, giving a soft and juicy meat texture, very easy to profit from being cut and chewed than perfectly cooked meat. Steak Frites usually served with sliced ​​potato and some companion vegetables. Do not forget the special sauce made from eggs and butter, which will add to the deliciousness of this dish.

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